How To Use Urban Gabur Hair Wax

How To Use Urban Gabru Hair Wax?

Urban Gabru hair wax is a famous preference for men in Pakistan. It’s best for men trying to style their hair. But there are a lot of hair products out there. How do you apply it for the correct appearance? Don’t fear. This guide will show you how to use Urban Gabru hair wax ?Here are some simple steps!

Understanding Urban Gabru Wax:

Urban Gabru offers numerous wax types. Each with so many benefits. Here’s a short rundown:

1. Urban Gabru Zero to Infinity Wax: 

This popular desire guarantees a long-lasting hold and a matte finish. It’s wonderful for all hair types and patterns.

2. Urban Gabru Rebel Hair Styling Clay Wax:

This clay wax presents a robust maintain and a textured end. Its perfect for spiky patterns.

3. Urban Gabru Aqua Wax: 

This water-based total wax is specific. It’s because it washes out easily with just water. It’s perfect for those who want a bendy hold and a herbal look.

No matter which Urban Gabru wax you select. The fundamental utility steps continue to be the identical.

Getting Started: What You’ll Need:

Before you start. Consider all these steps: 

1. A pea-sized quantity of Urban Gabru wax (begin small, you may continually add more!)

2. A comb or brush

3. A hairdryer (for drying damp hair or placing your style)

How To Use Urban Gabru Hair Wax?

Here’s a step by step way to style your hair with Urban Gabru wax:

 how to use urban gabru hair wax 1. Prep Your Hair: 

Start with clean, dry, or barely damp hair. Damp hair may be easier to style. Particularly for textured hairs.

2. Warm Up the Wax: 

Rub the pea-sized quantity of wax between your arms to soften it up. This makes it less complicated to spread and practice flippantly.

3. Apply the Wax:  

Run your arms via your hair. Apply the wax equaly. Focus on the regions you need to style the most. Start with a small quantity and add more if needed.

4. Style Your Hair:

Now comes this element! Use your palms or a comb to style your hair as preferred. You can create a unique style, a messy appearance, or maybe textured spikes.

5. Set the Style (Optional): 

If you need a more potent or a more described style. Use a hairdryer to dry your hair. Keep shaping it along with your fingers. 

For a textured finish with some volume. Apply the wax to damp hair. Rub it upwards together with your arms. Dry it with a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer.

Here are some more tips on how to use urban gabru wax.

1. Less is More:

Start with a small quantity of wax. Apply more if needed. Too much wax can make your hair appear greasy and feel heavy.

2. Experiment:

Don’t be afraid to test with special and unique styles. Find what works excellent in your hair type and desired appearance.

3. Wash it Out: 

Hair wax washes out without difficulty with shampoo. However, some Urban waxes, like the Aqua Wax, may be rinsed out with just water.


Urban Gabru wax is a flexible and smooth-to-use product. It’s best for men who want to fashion their hair and gain quite a few looks. Remember, the key is to start small with the wax. Experiment with utility techniques, and find what works for you. Now exit there and rock that stylish hair!

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