What is Fevicol Glue

What is Fevicol Glue?

Have you ever heard about fevicol? From childhood crafts to everyday repairs. Fevicol is a product used for sticking things in Pakistan. But what is fevicol glue? There Are different types. Let’s explore Fevicol. In this article we will see fevicol glue in detail. We will look at various uses of fevicol. 

Complete Guide: What Is Fevicol Glue? 

Fevicol is a brand of adhesives. It’s synthetic by Pidilite Industries. It is a leading business enterprise in India. It’s been around for over 50 years

This makes it  familiar in Pakistani houses. It’s used for various purposes. From little things to fixing damaged furnishings. 

Uses Of Fevicol Glue:

Here’s what makes Fevicol unique:

1. Strong Bonds You Can Trust:  

Fevicol glues are known for their powerful energy. They can join a variety of materials together. From paper and cardboard to timber or even some plastics. No more flimsy initiatives falling aside.

2. Easy to Use:   

Most Fevicol glues are available in user-friendly bottles with applicator tips. This method has no mess and easy application. It’s ideal for brief fixes or creative endeavors.

Easy to Use3. Safe for Most Materials:  

Generally, Fevicol glues are secure to apply on an extensive variety of substances.  However check the specific product label for recommended uses. Better safe than sorry!

4. Clear Finish, No Worries: 

Most Fevicol glues dry clean. It leaves an invisible and easy end to your undertaking. It has a very clear finish. No need to fear approximately white glue strains ruining the aesthetics!

A Fevicol for Every Need:

Fevicol is not simply one sort of glue. Pidilite gives lots of Fevicol products. It has so many types. Each performs specific functions. They are designed to tackle many duties. These include the following.

1. The All-rounder: Fevicol MR: 

This is the traditional Fevicol glue. It’s perfect for normal crafting needs. It’s best for sticking paper, cardboard, or even fabric. 

2. Wood Whisperer: Fevicol SH:  

Need glue on your woodworking tasks? Fevicol SH is in particular formulated for bonding porous material. For like wooden, plywood, and laminates. It gives a strong, long-lasting bond. So your creations can stand the test of time.

3. Waterproof Hero: Fevicol Marine:  

Does your problem have moisture? Fevicol Marine is your solution! This glue is good for situations. Wherein water is probably a problem. Like toilet furnishings restore or crafting projects for outdoor use.

4. Artist’s Best Friend: Fevicol Fevicry

Discover your creativity with Fevicol Fevicryl! This glue is ideal for scrapbooking, card making, and other inventive endeavors. It lets your imagination run wild.

5. Heavy-Duty Powerhouse: Fevicol Hi-Tech: 

This advanced formulation gives superior bonding. It is ideal for heavy-duty programs. Need to repair something stronger? Fevicol Hi-Tech has your again.

6. Choosing the Right Fevicol: 

There are alot of Fevicol Glue options. It’s hard to choose one. When choosing a Fevicol glue. Recollect the substances you will be bonding and the requirements. Read the product label for unique tips. The right glue makes all the difference.

7. Beyond Sticking: Fevicol’s Surprising Uses

Fevicol isn’t only for crafting and sticking. It provides many uses. These uses are other than just sticking. Here are some other ways Fevicol can help: 

8. Taming Thread Rebels:  

Use a tiny drop of Fevicol on the ends of fraying threads on clothes. It can prevent them from unraveling similarly. It saves your favorite outfits. It is very helpful.

9. Wobbly Furniture Fixer:  

Is your Furniture feeling loose? A small amount of Fevicol can assist tighten those wobbly screws or joints. It brings back stability on your chairs and tables.

10. Wallpaper Warrior:  

Fevicol can be used to reattach peeling wallpaper edges. No extra dealing with unsightly wallpaper mishaps!

Always check Fevicol on a small, hidden region of the material. It must be done before making use of it. This ensures you keep away from any unwanted surprises.


Now you know what is Fevicol glue. Fevicol is a versatile, sturdy, and easy to use glue. It is a very well known glue company in Pakistan. It has come to be an essential part of lifestyles in Pakistan. It has a huge range of products and applications. There’s a Fevicol glue for almost any sticking need. So, the next time you’ve got a task requiring a bond. Attain for the familiar yellow bottle. Fevicol has been used by Pakistan for generations. It’s equipped to help you with so many tasks.

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