Best Imported Online Shopping Stickers in Pakistan

Buy Online Imported Stickers in Pakistan

Best Imported Online Shopping Stickers in Pakistan 2022

Nowadays most of the trend is changing. Now you can buy online imported stickers in Pakistan. Gone are the days when people used to invest big amounts of money to make their houses, offices, and other extra platforms. There is the best-imported stickers online shopping in Pakistan has been easier now you can buy them on Wellshop. pk.

What are the stickers?

Stickers can be defined as labels a piece of printed paper or any other type of material. In order to make your place innovative and unique stickers are being used. You can use the stickers to turn around the entire look of your desired place.

In this article, we discuss some of the best-imported stickers for online shopping in Pakistan in 2022.

Why are stickers used?

The stickers are widely used for decoration purposes. The stickers are found in various sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and patterns. You can often find such stickers on the items such as lunch boxes, papers, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, and much more.

Uses of stickers:

Well, stickers are among the most unique items being created. Some of the uses of the stickers are discussed below:

  • Functional purposes:

The stickers are widely used for functional purposes. They are a great way of decoration. You don’t have to invest much money and effort into making anything creative with the help of stickers.

  • Promote events:

The stickers are used to promote certain events. Be it organizations, causes, events, fun community events, and many more.

  • At home or office:

If you have an artistic mind then you can use the best stickers according to your own choice. For a person who is creative, stickers are used in different and unique ways. You can use them around the office or home for décor purposes.

  • Product identification:

Stickers are great for product identification. You can use them if you are a businessman or running any business.

  • Enhance Brand image:

Stickers are widely used to enhance the brand image. It is a known fact that advertising is important for any brand. Stickers thus play a vital role in this regard.

  • Convey information:

Stickers are the main source of conveying any information. It thus helps your audience by providing them with any type of information that you want to convey.

Types of materials used for the stickers:

There are many different types of materials that the stickers are made of. We discuss here some of the materials for your understanding.

  • Paper stickers
  • Matte white stickers
  • Glossy white stickers
  • Textured paper stickers
  • Plastic stickers

5 popular types of stickers:

There are several types of stickers that are used from the business point of view. In this post, we discuss 5 popular types of stickers that you can use for your business promotion.

  • Logo stickers.
  • With the help of the logo sticker, you can make your brand stand out in the market distinctively.
  • Clear stickers:

The clear stickers are generally water and oil resistant. These stickers are used to promote your business, window signage, or the next big event.

  • Die-cut stickers:

Die-cut stickers are precisely cut to the shape of your design. They are made in any shape, size, and design. Moreover, the die-cut stickers are resistant to sunlight, moisture, and scratch.

  • Photo stickers:

As the name suggests, photo stickers are used to convey information via photos. The photo stickers are used for the mugs, bottles, lockers, laptops, or envelopes for the invitations.

  • Bumper stickers:

Bumper stickers are used to convey messages to a large number of audiences. They are made up of a variety of materials.

Why are stickers so trending in fashion?

Now Stickers trends are not only limited to kids and toy shovels. Stickers from brands are nowadays highly in demand in the fashion industry. The quality of course comes first along with the long-lasting durability.

List of the Best Imported Online Shopping Stickers in Pakistan 2022

In this article, we discuss some of the best-imported stickers for online shopping in Pakistan in 2022. You can buy them online in Pakistan from Amazon through Wellshop. pk.

Dry Erase Sticky Notes – 6 Colors Reusable Whiteboard Stickers 3″x3″ 12 Pack. Suitable for All Smooth Surface. Great for Labels, Lists, Reminders, and Decals. Washable, Removable, and Eco-Friendly.

Shop Now:

These stickers are available from the internationally known brand that is JJPRO. These are the whiteboard stickers. They come in a size of 12. These stickers are suitable for all types of smooth surfaces. You can use these stickers for labels, lists, reminders, and decals. They are washable, removable, and eco-friendly.

Galaxy Wall Sticker 3D Cosmic Stars Fake Window Wall Decal Blue Space Window View Stickers Milky Way Removable Wall Decals for Bedroom Office.

Shop Now:

This sticker is from a famous brand that is Rajahubri Stickers. This is a wall sticker and is 3D in nature. Moreover, it is easily removable. It is a great piece of art for your wall décor for your bedroom or office.

2 Roll 1.5Inch Thank You Stickers, 8 Designs, Thank You Sticker Roll Boutique Supplies for Business Packaging | 500 Labels Per Roll for Bubble Mailers & Bags.

Shop Now:

If you are looking for a perfect “Thank you” sticker, this is your product. This sticker is from a well-known brand detailing Shanghai. You can get it online in 8 designs. This sticker best serves the needs of the business packaging.

READY 2 LEARN Foam Stickers – Garden – Pack of 168 – Self-Adhesive Stickers for Kids – 3D Puffy Flower Stickers for Laptops, Party Favors and Crafts.

Shop Now:

This colorful sticker is available from the brand Ready 2 Learn. This is made up of foam. You can use this sticker for decorating your gardens and lawns. It is a 3D flower sticker. In addition, it is also used for laptops, parties, and crafts.

Funny Halloween Stickers 150PCS Decal Terrorist Sticker Pack for Teens Computer Waterproof Laptop Decor Thriller Stickers.

Shop Now:

This is a perfect match for the Halloween sticker. It is from a very famous internationally known brand Rename. These stickers come in 150 pieces. These stickers are used for computer and laptop decoration.

Sailor Jerry Anchors Tattoo Stickers Temporary Tattoos Fake Tattoos Paste Neck Shoulder Chest Hand Fashion Models Single Noble Alternative Avant-garde Barcode 2pcs/lot.

Shop Now:

This is basically a tattoo sticker. It is available from a well-known trending brand that is Temporary Tattoos. If you like the tattoo, then this is your product. You can apply it to your neck, shoulder, hand, and much more.

3D Brick Wall Stickers Wallpaper Decor Foam Waterproof Wall Covering Wallpaper for Kids Living Room DIY Background-White-60 X 15 X 0.85cm.

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This beautiful brick wall sticker is from the highly trending brand that is Big Incisor Bikini. It is a 3D wall sticker. You can use it to decorate the room walls of your kids, living rooms, and much more. It is available in white and black background colors.

U-Shark DIY Removable Islamic Muslim Culture Surah Arabic Bismillah Vinyl Wall Stickers/Decals Quran Quotes Calligraphy as Home Mural Art Decorator 9771(75x22cm)

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This Islamic Muslim culture wall sticker is from the famous and trending brand that is U-Shark. You can use this wall sticker as a decal for the Quran quotes.

Laptop Sticker Decal – Dandelions – Funny Cute Skins Stickers

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 This pretty floral sticker is from the highly trending brand that is Epic Designs. You can use this sticker to decorate your laptop. This dandelion sticker gives vibrant and bright feelings. So put your hands on it.

VANTATY 8 Sheets Extra Large 3D Realistic Animals Full Arm Temporary Tattoos For Men Women Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoo Maori Wolf Stickers Sexy Fox Tiger Flower Big Leg Tattoos Adults Gangster Girl Kid Lion.

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This animal tattoo sticker is from the well-known brand VANTATY. This is available in 8 sheets. Both men and women can use this animal tattoo sticker.

How can you do the best-imported stickers online shopping in Pakistan?

If you are looking to do the best-imported stickers online shopping in Pakistan, then we are here. Wellshop. pk provides with the best quality and top-class imported stickers from famous trending international brands.


We have covered all the key points of the stickers in this article. In addition, we have discussed the uses and types of the stickers. The way of utilizing these stickers for your business is also explained in this article. Moreover, we have discussed the variety of stickers that you can use to decorate your home, office, and other items. Likewise, the tattoo stickers are also listed in the article. You can get an online price list on our website. Therefore, do the sticker online shopping in Pakistan through Wellshop. pk.

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