Hair Dummy Price In Pakistan

Hair Dummy Price In Pakistan

Aspiring hairstylists need frequent practice honing their skills – but not at the expense of live model hair! Enter durable styling hair dummies designed specifically for braiding, cutting, dyeing, blowouts, and endless style experimentation. As these specialty mannequin heads grow famous for DIY and professional training in Pakistan, what can hairstylists expect to budget for quality hair dummy price in Pakistan? And how do you style your hair with this hairstyle, dummy? Let’s explore this article.

Hair dummy Price in Pakistan for convenient Hairstyling:

In Pakistan, hairstyling hair dummies span a wide range, from budget-friendly basics to premium professional-grade quality mannequins. Pricing depends on the materials used, versatility features, durability, and any included customization options.

Well-equipped salons may invest in more high-end adjustable dummies while DIY hair stylists often find simple basic models sufficient for building fundamental skills. Bulk orders also help lower per-unit costs for salon owners.

Overview of Styling Hair Dummies:

Specially designed for hairstyling practice, durable synthetic hair dummies feature the following:

1. Fiber Hair:

Made from quality synthetic fibers mimicking actual hair texture.

2. Adjustable Neck:

Posable base necks allow styling at different angles.

3. Sturdy Base:

Solid heads with weighted bases keep mannequins stable while styling.

4. Detachable Hair:

Removable hair pieces or wigs allow switching lengths and colors.

5. Varied Textures:

Options like straight, curly, kinky and natural black hair suit different training needs.

6. Customizable Features:

Some include interchangeable ears, eyes, and lips to add realism.

7. Travel Durability:

Lightweight enough for mobile use; collapsible for convenience.

With high-quality materials and adjustable options, dedicated hair dummies equip future stylists for diverse training.

Optimize your Hair dummy investment with these Expert Tips:

A hairstyle dummy is an excellent investment for practicing different techniques and improving your style. To optimize your hair dummy investment, consider the following expert tips:

1. Choose a High-quality And Adjustable Model:

When choosing a hair dummy, look for quality and adjustability in your price range. This provides durability and versatility, enabling you to practice a variety of hairstyles.

2. Consider Hairstyle Textures:

Choose a hair dummy with different textures: straight, curly, wavy, or textured. This allows you to practice and perfect techniques for other hair types, catering to the needs of your target clients.

3. Handle With Care:

Treat your hair dummy with exceptional care to maximize its longevity. Be gentle when styling and avoid excessive force or rough handling. This will help maintain the dummy’s condition and ensure it lasts for an extended period.

4. Keep Hot Styling Tools Clean:

Regularly clean your hot styling tools to prevent any buildup or residue on the dummy’s hair. This will ensure optimal performance and avoid any damage to the hair.

5. Condition And Detangle Regularly:

To keep the hair on the dummy looking and feeling its best, frequently condition and detangle, helping maintain its softness and preventing knots or tangles from forming.

6. Store Safely:

When not in use, store your hair dummy safely away from direct heat, humidity, or sunlight. These elements can damage the hair and reduce its lifespan. Consider investing in a storage case or dedicated space to keep your hair dummy in optimal condition.

7. Explore Specialty Wigs:

To increase styling diversity, consider investing in specialty wigs. These can allow you to practice different techniques on various hair lengths, colors, and styles.

Following these expert tips can optimize your hair dummy investment and make the most of your practice sessions.


Hair dummies engineered specifically for hairstyling practice allow endless styling experimentation without sacrificing absolute hair integrity. While prices range based on quality, versatility, and durability, investing in the best-feasible dummy ensures maximum skill development for hairstylists-in-training. For guidance in selecting the ideal hairstyle dummy and tips for maximizing its longevity, consult the experienced hair experts at Well shop. Then, unlock a world of creative hairstyling possibilities with your customized, durable fiber hair dummy!

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