Ideas for Wrapping Stationery Gifts

Ideas for Wrapping Stationery Gifts

Selecting the perfect stationery items as gifts can be just as exciting as wrapping them up for your loved ones. If you lack ideas for wrapping stationery gifts, this blog is going to be very helpful for you. With so many gorgeous options like luxurious letter sets, personalized journals, elegant pens, and more at Wellshop, you’ll want to take the time to make your gift wrapping just as special. Getting creative with your wrapping makes your present stand out under the tree and shows you put thought into every detail. 

Creative Ideas for Wrapping Stationery Gifts: That Stand Out

Let’s go through some of the creative and innovative ideas for wrapping stationery gifts for your loved ones and making their occasions special without making a lot of effort. The next time a special occasion comes up, take inspiration from these ideas to craft wrappings that complement the beautiful journals, pens, desk accessories, and more you choose from Wellshop.  

Embrace Craft Paper:

Instead of reaching for standard holiday gift wrap, opt for kraft paper or even brown parcel paper. These natural wrappings perfectly suit stationery presents, and you can easily dress them up. Choose coordinating ribbons or twine and accessorize with sprigs of greenery from your garden. For a personalized touch, use decorative rubber stamps with holiday motifs or your recipient’s initials to make the wrapping truly one-of-a-kind.

Craft Paper

Upcycled Books or Maps:

For bookworm gift recipients, use the pages of an old novel or antique book to conceal their new journal or fountain pen. Measure your gift and cut pages to size, wrapping them around your gift and tying them neatly with twine. Flip through a well-worn atlas to find pages that reflect the recipient’s hometown or favorite travel locale to inspire their future writing adventures.

Repurpose Calendars or Sheet Music:

Put outdated calendars, maps, or old sheet music to good use by transforming them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery wrappings. Sheet music pages layered over a gift, tied up in string, and embellished with metallic calligraphy ink will delight any music lover. For a travel-loving gift recipient, select pages from a calendar showcasing faraway places.

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Accent with Dried Botanicals:

Carefully arranged dried leaves, flowers, or herbs add organic texture and a lovely note to stationery wrapping. Ferns, eucalyptus sprigs, rose buds, or a cluster of dried lavender bundled with twine can accent kraft paper beautifully. For recipients who will be doing a lot of writing, incorporate botanicals with symbolic meaning, like roses for confidentiality, oak leaves for strength, or Liatris for inspiration.

DIY Gift Tags:

After putting together the perfect gift, complete it with a heartfelt, handmade gift tag. Simple kraft tags can be punched with shapes or alphabet letter punches to spell out messages like “For You” or “Joy.” Watercolor a basic white tag using liquid watercolors and add metallic brush lettering with the recipients’ initials. Cut tags into interesting shapes like bookmarks, stars, or mittens from patterned scrapbook paper for extra pep.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping:

An eco-friendly approach to gift wrapping uses recyclable materials like brown kraft paper secured with jute string, raffia, or twine. Upgrade basic brown paper with touches of burlap fabric scraps, vintage buttons, and sprigs of natural pinecones or cinnamon sticks. For the final flourish, secure your homemade gift tag with natural twine or fibre rather than plastic ribbons. The gift inside is sure to inspire dreams, and the sustainable wrappings protect the planet.


Use these interesting ideas for wrapping stationery gifts and have fun with your gift presentation, making it as special as what’s inside. Browse Wellshop’s gorgeous stationery gifts, including personalized options, and then wrap your present creatively to share your excitement. With thoughtful wrapping and beautiful stationery treasures inside, you’re sure to delight everyone on your gift list.

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