Custom Ball Pens

Why Choose Custom Ball Pens? Exploring the Benefits and Versatility

Paper pens remain one of the fundamental items. People cannot live without them when going  through a busy everyday schedule. The boards, the classrooms, and even the prisons are places where these simple writing instruments stand out and get us through the day. Moreover, they take us through our lives. This is because we write with the pen for long periods of time. A custom ball pen, in a similar way, can serve as awesome advertising features. Whoever you give the pen to, when they use them they generate more impressions and exposure for you. It is available with an array of color schemes and customizable logos and imprints, so you can make it uniquely yours. Let us discuss this further by reading this article.

Types of Custom Pens: offers several types of pens to suit different needs and budgets: These are:

1. Plastic ball pens:

They are affordable and available in different colors. The logo or design is processed by a computer directly onto the barrel of the pen.

2. Metal Ball Pens: 

Their silver surface is close to the shoppers’ ideal that objects made of metal are durable and shiny. Branding is a permanent engraving on the metal.

3. Wide-Ranging Pens: 

These writing devices have in-Built stylus tools for touchscreens, highlighters, and meters. They offer so much extra functionality.

4. Eco-Friendly Pens: 

Paper or plastic is made of bamboo or wheat straw and sourced from recycled materials. It’s great for environmentally conscious brands.

Features of Custom Pens:

Here are some standout features of custom ball pens:

1. Customization:

Combine your logo, name, or any other unique detail into the template that you like.

2. Imprint Area:

Mostly, brands’ names or logos are printed on a barrel, clip, or the heel or end of the pen. Apart from the prints, there are also a variety of styles that enable the imprinting of various spots.

3. Full-Color Printing:

Although a single-color print is what is typically offered. The pens can also showcase all kinds of colors for the logo to show it vibrantly.

4. Volume Discounts:

The more units of customized pens you order, the more you will save on unit pricing.

The custom pen is not only a great tool for advertisement but also an extremely useful item.

5. Freebies:

Give those customers who attend a corporate event, trade fair, or conference your branded pens free of charge to promote your brand.

6. Corporate Gifts:

They are perfect choices for engagements, weddings, or occasions that require a gift bearing the client’s brand.

To leave a lasting impression after a meeting, use custom ballpoint pens. This will make a visitor see your name at the forefront each time they pick up a pen to write.

Why Buy Custom Ball Pens?

Let’s see why should you buy custom ball pens:

1. Penny Worthier: 

Brand logo custom pens are a great brand promotion tool. In spite of their low customized pens price in Pakistan, it creates high visibility.

2. Repeat Touchpoint: 

When you give people a pen to use, it will be closer to your brand so that they will repeatedly see it.

3. An Impression of Professionalism: 

The marketability of the quality pens helps boost the image of the company. It means  credibility and success are derived from it. 

4. Mass Market: 

All groups use pens. Hence, the pens would not be disposed of. Rather, people would cherish them.

Importance of Quality:

Clearly, the substandard pens made in foreign countries build the wrong brand images. WellShop pk chose trusted suppliers with whom we solely provide top-quality pens that neither leak nor smear. So, their processes guarantee that your logo imprints either look in the original line or at the edge to appear professional on the final pens.

How to Choose and Design Custom Pens:

Selecting and designing the best custom pens at is simpler and easier than one can imagine. Start with your budget! It’s obvious that pens made out of plastic are the most inexpensive ones. While metal or eco-friendly alternatives are more expensive and of the highest quality. Just picture the person who will receive the pens. Prefer the expensive one for VIP recipients.

Afterwards, decide what you want imprinted—either a company name, logo, slogan, or other design. The imprint area is most often a barrel of pens. Although some models also allow printing the cap or clip.

You can also make customizations, like choosing the color of the ink that suits your branding or adding a pen or highlighter option for your intended purpose. WellShop has a variety of choices available. One that just completely meets your brand’s unique vision. 


Custom pens are economical, useful, and repeatable. These personalized pens bring your brand logo to the attention of many prospects, making them a great purchasing decision. Pick from a wide pen-type selection and get them branded with your logo as well as personalized artwork. Fill a bulk order for the best pricing and get customized packaging. Apart from this Wellshop provides the best price of custom pens in Pakistan. This makes it accessible to all.

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