eBay in Pakistan

eBay in Pakistan

How to buy eBay Products in Pakistan:

eBay is a well-known international store that people from all around buy products. It has genuine and high-quality products. The trend of buying from international stores is increasing and eBay is amongst those brands. Pakistani customers, buying directly from such stores is a hassle as there are custom duty charges and other taxes also. We are working as the alternative to eBay in Pakistan where we provide you with the products from eBay at lesser prices.

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 The best alternative to buying eBay products in Pakistan

eBay is not officially operated in Pakistan so being an alternative to buy online eBay products provides you with the best products. You cannot buy products directly from eBay because if done, the charges are so much and there is a hassle of buying also. If you buy directly from eBay, the products when reach Pakistan are first sent to Pakistan customs for relay-check on custom duties and taxes. The products when bought directly from eBay need clearing from the Customs office in Pakistan. The customer will get a call from the Customs office for completing the shipping procedure and all the requirements.

Since it is a hassle, the best alternative to it is our website WellShop where we provide you with eBay products and also all other duties are taken care of by us.


eBay Shipping to Pakistan

You might have liked some products on eBay and tried buying them but the hassle is too much. eBay doesn’t allow their customers to eBay shipping to Pakistan. To order their products to be delivered to just any location in Pakistan because of which people have to opt for alternative products. Those products are either not the same as ordered or they are lacking major features as you require. But don’t worry. This is the place where you can get eBay delivery at your doorsteps without any hassle. All you need to do is register yourself from us and then you are just one step away from getting your desired product from eBay through us. We make sure that you get the product that you like from eBay at cheaper prices. Once you place your order on our website, we receive it in our warehouses that are located in China, the USA, and other countries. Through the shipping modes like DHL and FedEx, we deliver your products to your location. For buying eBay products from our WellShop.

Custom Order

You can place a custom order where you can give your desired product link and place an order.  eBay can deliver those orders to our warehouses at cheaper rates. Also, you will not have to pay for the custom clearance charges and taxes. All this will be done from the warehouse delivery to make it possible for us to reduce the price of the product to as low as possible.

Delivery time

The delivery time is 15-20 working days as the orders are first shipped to our warehouses. Then we ship them to your addresses in Pakistan making sure of the quality, prices, and other requirements. So getting original products from eBay too at cheaper prices is worth the wait.

Buying eBay Products Online in Pakistan

We provide this service of buying eBay products in Pakistan for you so you can enjoy shopping online for your desired products that are from original brands and are high in quality. With us, you will be able to buy products from eBay at cheaper rates. We are here for you to do the hassle; all you need to do is register with us and just buy things, the rest we will do!


How to place a custom order on our website:

For placing a custom order, go to our website and in the top black colored bar. You will see an option of  “Custom order”. We have encircled it in yellow in the following picture for you to easily understand it. Click on it and the following window will appear.


Custom Order Page



Fill in the following information, and in the product link section. Enter the link to your desired product from whichever website it is.


Contact us:


For product, inquiry feel free to contact us.





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