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How to Buy from Amazon in Pakistan

Amazon is a well-known international store that offers a variety of products. People from Pakistan want to buy from Amazon in Pakistan. Amazon products are of the best quality and are genuine. Wellshop provides the solution to all your needs. The trend of orders from Amazon and other international stores is increasing in Pakistan. But there are many hassles that the customer has to go through while buying directly from these international stores. Now it is very easy to Order Amazon Products in Pakistan.

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Shop Amazon Devices


If you are in Pakistan and looking to buy Amazon devices such as:


  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Kindle E-readers
  • Echo and Alexa Devices
  • Amazon Smart Home


Here in Pakistan people are afraid of custom duties and tax applications on imported products? but now you easily purchase Amazon Devices online at your doorsteps at affordable prices login WellShop and place orders for your desired amazon devices today.


WellShop is the best alternative to buy From Amazon in Pakistan


Amazon does not deliver in Pakistan. So, we an alternative to buy Amazon products in Pakistan provide our customers with Amazon products in Pakistan. These products can’t be bought directly from Amazon. Because if done, the charges are too high and the hassle is too much. If you Want to purchase from Amazon, the products are first sent to Pakistan customs for relay-check on custom duties and taxes. This means that the products when directly bought from Amazon need clearing from the Customs office in Pakistan. The customer will be initially called from the Customs office for completing the shipping procedure and all the requirements.


How to buy Amazon Products in Pakistan


As buying directly from Amazon is a hassle, the best alternative to it is our website. Here, we provide you with Amazon products and we take care of all the other duties.


How To Buy Amazon Products In Pakistan

If you are in Pakistan and want your order from Amazon delivered to your doorsteps, then try our website. We will make sure that our services will prove to be ideal for you. Amazon provides most of the products for sale but not all of them are delivered to Pakistan. And sometimes even if they are delivered, the original Amazon shipping charges are higher as compared to the product itself.


We work as an alternate to Amazon Pakistan Online Shopping and facilitate you to order from Amazon through us. You get your desired products at much cheaper rates delivered to your doorsteps. And the hassle of shipping and other requirements is done by us. You just need to order from us the original Amazon products and we will get them delivered to your address. The products reach our warehouses in China, the USA, and other countries first. The delivery charges there are almost none or are very low.


After we get our orders delivered to our warehouses they are shipped to Pakistan. The shipping modes like FedEx and DHL and deliver at your given address. With us, you can easily buy your desired original products that too from international brands like Amazon at cheaper prices. All you need to do is register and place an order and you are good to go. If any of your desired products are not found on our website you can place a custom order on our website. You will get your order with a delivery time of about 15-20 working days. We also provide delivery services all over Pakistan. What we charge you for your order shipping is still much low than the Amazon delivery in Pakistan.


Our website covers a lot of categories e.g. Beauty and Personal Care, Health and Household, Men’s fashion and Women’s fashion, Home and kitchen and toys, etc. There are many other categories that you will find when you explore our website.


How to register at our website:


When you open our website the following window will appear. Click “Signup” which is also indicated here in the red circle.


How to Sign Up

After you click signup the following window will appear:


Create an Account


Fill in the required information and click “Register” in the bottom left corner and you are registered at our website.


How to place an Amazon order on our website:


For placing an order please visit and explore our website. When you find your desired product, open it and click the “Add to cart” button.

For example:


When you select a product you intend to buy, the following kind of window appears. Click on the red button right beside the image of the product that says “Add to cart”. In the following image, you can see an encircled button.


How to Add to Cart


When you will complete this process,  you can click on Add to Cart and you can proceed further.


If the product you want is not available you can make an Amazon order. You can send the product link even if it is not available on our website. You place a custom order and we send you the product.


How to place Amazon custom orders on our website:


For placing custom orders, go to our website to the top black colored bar, with an option of “Custom order”. We have encircled it in red in the following picture for you to easily understand it. Click on it and the following window will appear.


Custom Order


Fill in the following information, and in the product link section, enter the link of your desired product. . Click the red-colored button at the bottom left side that says “Submit” and you are good to go.



Lowest Rates:


Our Wellshop team keeps working on providing their customers with the best possible services. We offer the lowest prices than other companies working in Pakistan. Also, the shipping charges are lower than the other companies. We make sure to provide you with genuine high-quality products imported from internationally well-known brands.


To make a custom Amazon Products order easy for you, we take care of all the shipping duties and taxes. With that, you can easily buy imported products at the lowest possible prices. Because you wouldn’t be able to buy at lower rates if you would order directly. If you find any product on other websites in Pakistan that are providing the same services as us. Share the product link with us and we will offer you a discount on that product. We want our customers to be able to enjoy imported products that too at not very expensive. So we always try to accommodate you as much as we can. Your trust and confidence in us matter a lot. When you shop from us, you help us grow and your confidence in us encourages us to do our best.

Contact Us: 

For product, inquiry feel free to contact us.

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One thought on “How to Buy from Amazon in Pakistan

  1. Buht hee behtreen sevrvice he wellshop kee.
    Me 1 saal se es website kee reference se amazon se mukhtalif product en se mngwarha hu.
    Buht ache rates he . Jab k dosree web sites k rate buht zyda hai. Aur products bhe fake aatee he . Aur service bhe ache nahe he .
    Mene prsonally abhe bhe product order kee hue he wellshop se . Jes ke update whtsaap se mujhe miljatee he k kab tak mere product aajae gee
    10/10 prcent perfect satisfying.

  2. Well I have bought several orders from wellshop in the past and their service and delivery time is really super fast they are very cooperative nice and devoted company with excellent response time plus they provide less rates as compared to others e-commerce company and they are very trustworthy and reliable people and I have sucsessfully done many orders with them in the past and they process even the most expensive orders in a wink of eye and I m glad that I found this company and it will always remain my first choice in shopping from Amazon and all other international websites love❤️

    1. We feel honoured to hear your kind response. As we always say, our customers’ trust and confidence in us matters the most and we are always trying to make sure that who ever shops from us always has the best experience. We keep trying that our customers can easily buy Amazon products in Pakistan through Wellshop without any hassle. Knowing that you like our services is pleasant and honourable and it has motivated us more to keep working better every passing day. Keep shopping from us and we will keep providing you with the best of our services.
      Thank you so much for your kind review.

  3. Can I purchase cosmetics and supplements from Amazon in Pakistan? Also can you buy from other USA website… Will products be original?

    1. Yes miss you can, we import from Amazon upon order, assuring originality of the product. You can purchase cosmetics and supplements not only from Amazon but share any USA website link with us of product and we will import it for you like ebay, wallmart, sephora, including aliexpress. We guarantee a happy shopping experience.

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