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Nail growth serum

Nail growth serum are just as important as other parts of the body. The nails are not the tools. They are considered to be the jewels and we need to protect them. Just like any other part of the body, nails also go through a lot of the damage. It is important to take care of the nails. Like the skin care and hair care products, nails also need the products so that they remain strong and healthy.

Causes of weak nails:

There are many reasons that lead to weak, brittle and breakage of the nails. The lack of the poor diet, essential vitamins and minerals along with the lack of the proper nail care routine leads to the brittle nails. Hence, the nails that have been missing the daily nourishment lead to the breakage.

Therefore, it is essential to keep in track the health of your nails along with getting regular nail care routine. We have shared some of the best nail serums in this article which can help you get strong and healthy nails.

Nail growth serums:

With the ongoing trends, a new shift has been moved towards the serums. Serums are not only used for the hair and skin care but are now used for the nails as well. A lot of the nail serums are effective and claim many things. Nail growth serums are used to moisturize your nails and make them strong and healthy. The main reason of the damage of the nails is the dryness. Most of the times, we do not bother about the dryness of the nails. Well, just like our skin and hairs become dry and break, likewise the nails undergo.

Therefore, it is important to follow the proper nail care routine along with adding some imported quality nails growth serums to your routine to get rid of the problem.

Some of the best brands for nail growth serums on Amazon:

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NAIL-AID Collagen Base + Keratin Growth + Gel Top Coat, Clear, 3 Count

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Sally Hansen Miracle Nails, 0.37 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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IBD Reconstrux Nail Growth, 0.125 Ounce

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Cuccio Naturalé Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil – Lightweight Super-Penetrating – Nourish, Soothe & Moisturize – Paraben/Cruelty Free, w/ Natural Ingredients/Plant Based Preservatives – 2.5

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Sally Hansen Treatment Nail Rehab, 41054, 0.33 Fluid Ounce (Packaging may vary )

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Nail-Aid Biotin Ultimate Strength – Nail Treatment & Strengthener – Clear, 0.55 Fl Oz (08873)

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Extra Strength 10000mcg Biotin Liquid Drops, 60 Servings, Vegan Friendly, Supports Healthy Hair Growth, Strong Nails and Glowing Skin, 3X More Absorption Than Capsules or Pills

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CND Essential Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

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Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair 13ml, Nail Treatment Improves The Appearance of Damaged or Aging Nails. Packaging May Vary

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Sally Hansen Treatment Maximum Growth®, Clear, Nail Strengthener Polish, 0.45 Oz, Base Coat Nail Polish, Reinforces Soft, Weak Nails, Defends Nails, Triple-Protection, Silk Formula

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Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

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Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler, With Silk Protein Fibers, Fill and Smooth Unsightly Nail Ridges, For Dry, Brittle or Ridged Nails, Enhances Nail Growth and Strengthening, Base Coat 0.5 Ounce

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NuOrganic Eyebrow Serum Growth Enhancer Gel | Naturally Grow Fuller, Darker & Thicker brows | Plant Based Stem Cell Serum with Biotin & Growth Peptides | Fast Absorbing, Vegan & Cruelty Free (8ML)

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Barefoot Scientist Inner Strength Nail and Cuticle Renewal Drops, Award-Winning Cuticle Oil for Fingernails and Toenails

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Evlution Nutrition Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Powder, Grass-Fed Ultra-Pure Type I & III Collagen, Hair & Nail Growth, Bone and Joint Health, Gluten-Free, Keto Friendly, 30 Servings

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Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 6 Oz (Original Version 1)

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PURA DOR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (4oz / 118mL) USDA Certified 100% Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Premium Grade Moisturizer Treatment for Dry & Damaged Skin, Hair, Face, Body, Scalp & Nails

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Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

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Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, 1 Fluid Ounce

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Sally Hansen – Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish, Hardener

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How do the nail growth serums work?

The nail growth serums work by deeply penetrating into the nails. These serums provide the nourishing vitamins and essential minerals to the nails. Moreover, the vital protein is also reached to the nails through these nail serums. These nail growth serums have the oil based formula. This deeply penetrates into the skin and nails. Likewise, these nail growth serums fortify the outer layer of the nails. In this way they rebuild the nails along with protecting the keratin of the nails.

This whole process takes place and the nails become more strong and healthy. In addition, this treatment prevents the nails from breakage, chipping and splitting. Therefore, these nail growth serums actually play a vital role in maintaining the overall health and appearance of the nails. One should add them into their routine to get the healthy and strong nails. After all, they are necessary for stimulating the growth of the nails.

Nail care routine:

Some people might think that why to follow a nail care routine if we already are investing in the serums. Well, the nail care routine is equally important as that of the skin care and hair care routine. Serums alone cannot work properly if you do not have a good and proper nail care routine. For your guidance, we have listed some of the steps which are essential for the nourishment and wellbeing of the nails. If you apply these steps into your routine, you will definitely get long and strong nails to a great extent.

Trim your nails:

We often think that nails will grow faster if we do not trim or cut them. The scenario here is totally opposite. Trimming and cutting of the nails is very important in order to stimulate the growth of the nails. You can trim your nails once or twice a week. Make sure you file them afterwards to get the good shape.

Cleaning your cuticles:

The cleaning of the cuticles is very important. Like we cleanse our hair and skin, likewise cleaning of the cuticles actually promotes the growth of the nails. The debris gathering in the outer layer of the nails hinders the production of the keratin. For this very reason, it is important that you clean your cuticles with the right tools. It will not make your growth faster but also help you achieve a neat and tidy look of your nails.

Apply the serum:

Once you are done with the cleaning and trimming, make sure to lock the moisture of the nails. Here the moisture is to be induced with the help of the serum. The essential protein and nutrients are required to keep intact the nails. The serum is therefore the best solution which provides the best of the essential minerals and vitamins to the nails. Incorporating the best nail growth serum is important to get make your nails grow faster and healthier.

Key ingredients of the nail growth serums:

There are some ingredients that are present in the imported nail growth serums. Some of these ingredients include:

Milk protein:

These nail growth serums are richly made up of the milk and calcium complex. The essential milk protein is used to hydrate and moisturize the nails to a great extent. In order to get the healthy appearance, milk protein plays a vital role. Protein is building blocks in making up the structure of anything in the body. Therefore, the protein is essential in the composition of the nails.

Vitamin E:

Often the nails become yellow in color. It is also known as yellow nail syndrome. In this syndrome, the nails become yellow and peeled off. Also, the nails become cracked. Vitamin E is very important in maintaining the color of the nails and keeps them protected from the discoloration.

Jojoba oil:

Collagen is an essential building block of the nails. The jojoba oil is used to soothe and heal the cracked nails. The skin of the nails is also hydrated through the jojoba oil. Moreover, it repairs the lost collagen in the nails thus making them moisturized, stronger and long.

Olive oil:

Olive oil acts a great agent for the blood circulation. Furthermore, it has Vitamin E in it. The olive oil is considered to be the best for nourishment of the nails. The circulation of the blood around the nails is stimulated through the olive oil which then leads to the strong and long nails.

Ginger oil:

Ginger itself is known for the strong and long nails. And ginger oil with its amazing benefit performs wonders to the nails. It deeply penetrates into the skin of the nails. In this way it removes all the dead layers around the nail. The removal of the damaged layers leads to healthy and long nails.

Key features of nail growth serum:

The nail growth serums are formulated to fight the brittleness of the nails. In this way they make the nails strong and long. The key feature is that all the ingredients in these serums are natural. In addition, these nail serums are light in weight. For the easy absorption in the nails, these serums are formulated to be non-sticky in nature. Most of them do not have any chemicals used in them for giving the best results. These serums are especially formulated for the nail growth and giving them a shiny texture.

How to choose the best nail growth serum?

In order to choose the right nail serum for you, it is very important to know your nails deeply. Sometimes, your nails just need one or two ingredients in order to get rid of the dryness. On the other hand, it is possible that your nails proper nail care routine to stay in health and strength.  Therefore, choosing the best nail serum for yourself starts from directly from knowing your nails. Here are some of the ways to choose the best and right nail serum for you:

Look for the ingredients:

While you go on the purchase for the nails serums, make sure you read the key ingredients given on the product. Any chemical product will not give you the long lasting results. It is important to buy the product that contains all the natural ingredients in its formulation. We have shared with you all the natural and essential ingredients that need to be present in a specific serum.

Research about the product:

It is always suggested that you research about the product before you buy it. It not only helps you to get the reviews about any product but also help you to choose the best one for you.

Includes the nail strengthening ingredients:

It is not only important to look for the ingredients that make your nails long but also strong. Therefore, while on your go to purchase a specific serum, make sure to read the ingredients that necessary for the strengthening of the nails such as protein, keratin and many more.

How to use the nail growth serum?

Here are some of the steps that will tell you how to apply the nail serum:

  • It is suggested to wash your hands properly before you apply your nail growth serum.
  • After your dry the hands, take 2 to 3 drops of the nail serum oil and drop it on your hands.
  • Massage the serum gently for good 5 minutes. It will let the product penetrates deeply into the cuticles and nails thus making them strong.
  • You can use it on bare nails or if you want to put on the polished nails, make sure that it is dried.
  • Keep the container air tight and store it in the dry place away from any kind of sunlight interaction.

Buy imported quality nail serums in Pakistan:

You can find the imported quality nail growth serums from the Amazon collection of best nail growth serums in Pakistan. Just place your order and we will deliver the product at the comfort of your doorsteps wherever you are located in Pakistan. You can now buy the imported nails serums from Amazon through the service of online shopping in Pakistan. Nails are such a sensitive part of the overall personality that they cannot be treated with the normal quality serums.

Top branded nail growth serums are widely available on our website. Go and checkout to explore your options. We have the cash on delivery services for the ease of our customers. We guarantee the quality products from the imported brands. Therefore, do not hesitate to hover on your options from the USA imported brands on Amazon.


In this article, we have covered all the tips how you can take of your nails. In addition, we have also mentioned the top rated brands from where you can buy these serums online in Pakistan. For your guidance, we have shared all the key ingredients and key features of the nail serums. All you have to do is check carefully what you are buying for your nails while deeply studying them.

In addition, we have also discussed that how you can choose the best nail serum for your nails. We have made a guideline for you so that you know how to apply the nail serums in the proper manner. We hope this article will serve you as the guidebook on your journey to get the healthier and stronger nails. This is the key factor to grow your nails long.


Nail Art Kit

Nail Art kit Online Shopping In Pakistan

Nail art kit online shopping

Nail Art Kit have always been and will always be the centre of attention for many. And women not only invest in making nails long and strong but also making them beautiful. But nail art has been trending since a long time now. So it is something that is used to paint, decorate and embellish the nail to grow their beauty. And this creative artwork is usually performed after the manicure and pedicure.

Nail art kit

Nail art kit has become the staple part of not only the salons and spas but also the houses. Because well, with the easy guide and help, you can easily do the nail art at home. So It not embellishes your nails but also make you look different. And nail art is basically a type of the nail designing. Butt it is mostly done on the fingernails and toenails.

The nail art kit includes all the necessary items that are required for the nail art. And Nail art is of many different types. It also includes the acrylic nails. So You can easily find the nail art kit from Amazon through online shopping in Pakistan.

Designs of the nail art kit

The nail designs obviously vary from the person’s preferences. Because however, there are some simple and modern nail designs that one can achieve with the help of these nail art kits. Butt the designs include:

  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Polka dots
  • Zigzag
  • Hearts
  • Complex patterns
  • Event patterns and many more

These nail designs are purely up to the person’s needs and likes. And nail art kit comes up the different prices. So you can explore your options and find best nail art kit for you through Amazon nail art kit online.

Some of the imported brands for nail art kits on Amazon:

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Features of nail art kit:

So there are numerous features that the nail art kit offers. Butt it is basically used to paint, improve and embellish the nails.

Beautiful nails:

Getting the beautiful and longs nails is the dream of every woman. And women have always struggled and traced the ways out to make the nails attractive and strong. Butt the nail art kit is used to make the nails attractive and enchanting. So t is used to create the beautiful nails and give them the long lasting spark and shine. Everyone who looks at your nails will admire it.

Easy usage:

The nail art kit is easy to use at homes and spas. Butt now you don’t have to look at the clock and take out the time to go to salons for getting your nails done. And you can easily go ahead and create your nails beautiful while sitting at your comfort zone with the help of these nail art kits. So hence, it will not be wrong to say that these kits are used for professional as well as personal use.

Strengthen the nails:

In addition to make the nails beautiful, the nail art kit is also used to grow your nails strong and long. And along with this, it also adds shine to the nails. So therefore, if you are afraid of using the nail art kit that it might ruin your actual nails, which is totally wrong. And in fact, these nail art kits are the great source of adding shine and strength to your nails.

Great package:

So if you are running your business at higher or ever lower level, these nail arts kits serve the best purpose for you. Because in fact, even if you are a nail artist, this nail art kit offers the best package for you. So it has all the necessary tools inside it. You don’t have to go around and buy each and every item single. And in fact, you can get all the items in the form of the package. It is definitely cost effective. Moreover, it saves your time, energy and money. So therefore, adding the nail art kit to your collection is the great step towards running a budget friendly business in every way possible.

Acrylic nails

The nail art kit is a great option for the beginners. So if you have your studio or just trying to learn the nail art at home, go ahead and buy the nail art kit. Butt it comes up with all the necessary items that are necessary for keeping your nails strong and beautiful. Because moreover, you can learn the art of creating artistic nails easily at your home.

 Nail art kit must-haves:

There are certain items that need to be present in the nail art kit. Butt well, for your guidance we have listed some of the items that you can check before your go on buying the nail art kit.

Nail art stickers:

Nail art stickers are available in the variety of forms. So they vary from cartoons to flowers and much more. Because these nail art stickers come with strong packing. And all you have to do is apply them on the dry nail polish. Butt after that, you can simply seal with a dry top coating layer.


The rhinestones have their own charm and beauty. So these rhinestones are available in many different forms such as crystal, glitter, acrylic and much more. Because the rhinestones are available in variety of the shapes, styles, sizes and types. And you can form the beautiful nail art designs with the help of these different rhinestones. So these stones are best to get the nail design of your own desire and likes.

Dotting tools:

The dotting tools are the must-haves for your nail art kit. And no nail art kit can be completed without these dotting tools. So as per the name suggests these dotting tools are used to create the dots. Because these dotting tools are mostly available in the sets of 5. And in addition, they come with different 10 heads. So you can easily create some easy and cool nail designs with the help of these dotting tools.

Stripping tapes:

These tapes come in many shapes and colors. So they are used to add metallic lines in the nail design. in addition, they are also available in variety of textures.

Loose glitter:

Because it is not always compulsory that you have the loose glitter in the nail art kit. And it depends on your requirement. Because the loose glitter is used to sprinkle as a top coat on the nails.

Sprinkle beads:

These beads are available as glass beads or metallic beads. So as 3D designs are quite trending these days, these sprinkle beads are used to create those nail art designs.

Nail polishes:

Any nail art kit is incomplete without the nail polishes. Butt well, these days metallic nail polishes are mostly in fashion. And in addition, you can also get many other colors of nail paints in the. Butt the nail enamels are available in all the colors.

Top coat and base coat:

The top coat and base coat are mandatory in the nail art kits. And a good nail top coat is used to add shine to the nails. Because Moreover, the base coat is used to protect your nails from getting chip and becoming yellow. So here is to add in to your knowledge that you can even go for the calcium based coats. Butt they are helpful in strengthening your nails.

Nail stamping kit:

Because nail stamping is available in the nail art kits. So they contain stamping tool, scraper and a stamping template. Butt they come with the plastic packing which makes them safe to be used for the nails.

Toothpick/ Orangewood stick:

These serve as the helping tools for picking up the rhinestones and placing them on the nails.

Acrylic colors:

The acrylic colors are used to create the beautiful and attractive nail art designs.

Nail art brushes:

Because comes with the nail art brushes. These brushes are used to create the designs of your likes and demands. And each of the brush has its own purpose and is a must-have for the nail art kit.


Things to look for before buying a nail art kit:

There are numerous things that you should take care of before you buy your For your guidance, we have made the complete key points so that it can help you before you get the nail art kit.

Patterns and designs:

Patterns and designs are what the nail art is all about. So therefore, before you buy your make sure that it has all the necessary, cool and attractive designs and patterns in it. And this will help you to create artistic nail art designs in a unique way.

Number of tools:

The nail art kit must have all the necessary tools in it. Butt the must-haves include acrylics, stamping tools, palettes and adhesives. All the tools are needed to create the unique nail designs. Therefore, it is important that your includes all of the mandatory tools in it.


A glue is a must have in the nail art kit. Glue needs to be of high quality. Since the glue serves the entire purpose such as sticking the nails, therefore low quality completely damage your nails. It is suggested to look for the that has the high quality glue in it.


Imported brands are suggested for the nail art kits. Quality is what the top rated brands make sure of. Therefore, always opt for the top rated imported brands that give you the high quality.


Quality is the main strength of our products and packaging. We never deliver you a product that is low in quality and our packaging ensures that everything reaches in your hands safe and sound. Likewise it is ensured from our end that all nail art kits and all contents in the box are of superior quality. However it is advised to always check reviews of the product before placing the order.


We have listed for you all the imported brands along with their prices. You can find the best from Amazon Nail art kit pricing list. You can shop these nail art kits from Amazon through the service of online shopping in Pakistan. The cost of the kit depends on the quality of the tools inside it.



In this article, we have covered all the top rated brands that you can get from Amazon through the service of online shopping in Pakistan. You can explore you USA based products by checking out our website. So moreover, we have mentioned all the features of the . Also, for your guidance and help, we have shared all the key points that you should consider before you purchase your.

Quality is something we have always taken care of. So therefore, we bring to your doorsteps the imported brands with the high quality products. Because we offer you the cash on delivery services. Now when you have all the guidance about the  you can go ahead on buying the best one for you.

We hope this article will serve as the guideline for you to create the beautiful nail designs. And in addition, you can enjoy your purchase from the Amazon collection of nail art kits.