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Dr. Berg's D3 & K2 Vitamin - D3K2 Supplement w/ Purified Bile Salts - Support Healthy Heart, Bone & Joint - 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 & 100 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 - 120 Capsules
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Dr. Berg's Vitamin D3 and K2 Dietary Supplements

Dr. Berg's dietary supplements are doing miracles for more than thirty years. Dr. Berg's products have made it easier for customers to lose weight. Through natural and nutritional means, it has helped clients in overcoming numerous health issues. U.S government officials, physicians, academics, and other people from all spheres of life have been among Dr. Berg's clients.

Need for Vitamin D3 and K2:

With the growing age factor, it is equally essential to keep ourselves healthy. The increasing factor of age may cause a lot of weakness, dizziness, cramps, osteoporosis, or many other health conditions. These conditions mainly arise when our diet is deficient in some essential nutrients. This deficiency can be compensated using Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements in our diet. The vitamins and supplements support the proper functioning of our bodies. They also assist with regulating fundamental processes required in our daily lives. Every supplement provides medical advantages and helps us meet our nutrient requirements. Normally, when people complain of pain in bones or broken bones, physicians prescribe them a combination of vitamin D3 and K2.


The primary source of vitamin D is sunlight. Once exposed to sunlight, the human body obtains the maximum amount of vitamin D. Dairy products like eggs and cream are also rich in vitamin D. However, the primary source of Vitamin K1 is green vegetables while the main source of Vitamin K2 is dairy products that have undergone the process of fermentation.

A lack of dairy products in the diet might result in vitamin K insufficiency. Similarly, a lack of solar exposure results in a vitamin D deficiency. The use of Dr. Berg's Vitamin D3 and K2 dietary supplement is the ultimate remedy to the problem.

How do Vitamin D3 and K2 act together:

If you are looking for vitamin D, you may confront the issue of picking which type of vitamin you need.  As the different kinds of vitamin D are D2, D3, and vitamin D with K2.  Here are some reasons why vitamin D3 and K2 pairing is famous among the lot.

Vitamin D is soluble in the compounds of carbon and oxygen and is hence known as a fat-soluble vitamin. It is transported in the same way as other fats. Vitamin D has a crucial role in regulating calcium absorption by increasing gastrointestinal calcium retention. To preventing falls and cracking, experts advise taking vitamin D supplements. However, in addition to other potential side effects, it can also result in calcium precipitation in the vascular system. To prevent calcium precipitation, doctors recommend taking Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D3.

Vitamin K is also fat-soluble vitamin. The types of Vitamin K are Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2.

Basically, vitamin K1 is transported to the liver where it regulates the production of blood clotting factors. While vitamin K2 is carried to tissues beyond the liver, such as the arterial wall and bone. It gets there and encourages the synthesis of proteins that depend on vitamin K i. e. osteocalcin and GLA. The vitamin K-dependent protein becomes uncarboxylated if there is insufficient vitamin K in our blood. It will consequently have adverse effects like osteoporosis, decreased bone density, and cardiovascular disease.

Hence, taking vitamin D3 alone may be harmful to your health, but combining it with enough vitamin K2 allows you to live a healthy life. You can enjoy the benefits of strong bones and a healthy heart. Numerous studies showed this finding to be factual.

Benefits of Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements:

Dr.Berg’s Vitamin D3 and K2 dietary supplements are beneficial for regulating life processes. Some benefits of using these supplements are:

  • They make your bone healthy:

Vitamins D and K both contribute to make our bones healthy and rigid. Therefore, you see them bundled together. Vitamin D empowers the body to ingest calcium from your stomach, and vitamin K absorbs that calcium into your bones. If calcium forms in some undesirable locations, problems may arise, making vitamin K's function crucial. The intake of vitamin K2 prevents calcium accumulation in a place, decreasing the chance of blood clotting.

  • They are beneficial for the treatment of osteoporosis:

Lack of vitamin D3 causes the deficiency of calcium and causes defects in the bones that lead to osteoporosis. It is a disorder characterized by damage to bone mineral density.  According to the WHO, around 200 million individuals worldwide suffer from osteoporosis.

The lifetime risk of fracture for women is almost one in two as compared to one in three for males. Women have less bone mass than men. The risk of osteoporosis increases more quickly in women after menopause.

If the process of bone formation (absorption) is larger than the process of bone deterioration, our bones remain healthy. Osteoblast synthesizes a protein known as osteocalcin. Osteocalcin helps bind calcium in the bone matrix, therefore, increasing the number of minerals in the bone.

They provide protection against cardiovascular diseases:

According to WHO, numerous people experience cardiovascular health issues globally. This medical condition is responsible for one-third of all fatalities. The results are disastrous.

The function of Vitamin K is to support the cardiovascular system. Most people consume enough vitamin K in their diets to keep their blood coagulation at a satisfactory level. Yet many people still don't consume enough to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Lack of vitamin K2 consumption affects about 70% of Europeans. Inadequate levels of vitamin K might cause insufficient absorption in the gut. Due to this insufficient absorption, too much calcium is available to be distributed from bone into other tissues. Different prescriptions, such as antitoxins, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and intestinal medications, can also lead to vitamin K shortage.

Physicians recommend vitamin K2 and D3 dietary supplements as they can lower the risk of heart diseases by reducing the accumulation of calcium in veins.

Furthermore, Dr. Berg’s dietary supplements maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range. They also enhance the process of metabolism of sugar in the blood.

They aid in reducing body weight:

Low vitamin-D levels are a potential cause of obesity. Individuals with a body mass index of more than thirty frequently have insufficient vitamin D levels in their bodies. Vitamin D plays its role as an environmental sensor. When the level of vitamin D is low in the body, it signals the body to store additional energy. This extra energy is mostly stored as fat by the body. Many people store their extra body fat around their waistlines where it can enter the bloodstream quickly and easily.

To prevent body from storing extra fat, vitamin D levels in the blood should be at least 20 ng/mL. This can assist some people lose weight. A promising strategy to support calorie restriction and regular activity is to take vitamin D3 and K2 supplements. It facilitates the weight loss because the body absorbs it through the liver and releases it into the bloodstream.

They strengthen the Immune system:

Recently, researchers have started looking at the potential advantages that D3 and K2 may have for the human immune system.

Researchers examined the impact of vitamin D and K status on 135 hospitalized patients with coronavirus. They did so by considering factors like swelling, damage to the flexible fiber, and outcomes drawn by evaluating the factors. They concluded that individuals with higher vitamin D levels have a lower incidence of severe COVID-19 infection.

Although more research is required to determine whether vitamin K supplementation in combination with vitamin D can strengthen the immune system, however, experimental evidence suggests that this ideal pairing could provide significant immunity advantages.

The D-CarDia data was collected from several sites in Europe and North America. It showed that people with high levels of vitamin D experienced lower blood pressure and, thus, a lower risk of hypertension. There was an 8% reduction in the chance of hypertension for every 10% rise in vitamin D levels.

Experimental evidence:

Healthy and rigid bones require various essential supplements including vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for binding calcium with bones. A recent report from northern Finland found that those with the more prominent intake of vitamin K-carboxylated osteocalcin had more rigid bones.

A Japanese report suggested that those women who take natto regularly (a fermented soybean dish) are likely to have stronger bones than those who do not. According to an experiment, around 172 women were divided into three categories. The intake of vitamin K2 was given to one group. The second group has a much greater intake of vitamin D3. While the third group was given the combination of vitamin K2 and D3. It was inferred from the study that women who took a combination of Vitamin D3 and B2 supplements have stronger bones than other groups.

Scientists discovered that those who used high levels of Vitamin K2 had essentially better

cardiovascular system contrasted with that of those who used Vitamin K1.


Vitamin K2 is necessary for anyone who frequently consumes vitamin D as a dietary supplement. 180–200 mcg of vitamin K from diet and supplements per day is advised (particularly as vitamin K2 or MK7). Furthermore, it seems safe to take vitamin D3 supplements at levels between 5000 and 50,000 IU per day.

Dr. Berg's Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements meet all these requirements. These supplements are considered as no.1 for the intake of all the essential vitamins.

Dr. Berg's D3 & K2 Vitamin contains these vitamins in a form that your body can use.   Extra bile salts aid in regular vitamin absorption. D3 & K2 Vitamin, made from natural ingredients and designed to boost overall health, keeps you energized and joyful. Your body can simply utilize its all-natural elements to maintain optimum health.