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Anusol Haemorrhoids Piles Treatment Cream Buy Online In Pakistan

Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment Cream in Pakistan provides relief from the pain and discomfort caused by piles/haemorrhoids. It can be used with suppositories because of their lubricating effect to enhance effect. It is a triple action cream that soothes itching, shrinks piles and relieves discomfort and also reduces swelling. The active ingredients in it Bismuth oxide, Zinc oxide and Balsam Peru make it the best cream for piles and other issues like pruritus ani, proctitis and anal fissures. You just need to apply it on the affected area at night, in day time and after every bowel movement. This ointment is absorbed rapidly thus preventing the staining of clothes. Also it can be used both externally ad internally. The leaflet has all the details of its usage and ingredients. People with age 18 years and older can use this. If you wish to buy this product, then we will offer you less price for this product and we will also deliver it at your doorsteps wherever you are in Pakistan as we offer delivery all over Pakistan. Our delivery time is 15-20 working days. As this is a medicine so before buying it, consult your doctor or health care provider if you have an underlying medical condition and also to make sure if the information given about this product suits your personal circumstances. Best creame for piles in Pakistan, anusol cream available in pakistan

Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment Cream - 43g by Anusol
Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment Ointment - 25g by Anusol
Anusol 3X Cream Haemorrhoids Piles Treatment - 23G
ANUSOL Plus Hemorrhoidal Ointment Treatment 30 g Tube
Anusol Suppositories 24 Tablets

Anusol Suppositories 24 Tablets

Anusol Cream Haemorrhoid Treatment 23G
Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment - 12 Suppositories
Anusol Suppositories 12

Anusol Suppositories 12

Anusol Suppositories 12 per pack by Anusol