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Axe Universal Oil Buy Online In Pakistan

Oils have always been proven to be beneficial for humans. Well, there are many brands and companies who have their own oils. Axe universal oil is a type of herbal medicated oil. This axe universal oil is widely used to treat the common cold, minor arthritic pain, muscle pain, cough, stomach aches and nose blocks. As this ax universal oil is made up of all herbal oils, why not put your hands on it. Axe brand universal oil price in Pakistan is lesser on our website than other companies. So explore our website today and shop this product online in Pakistan in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities from Amazon through So make this axe universal oil a part of your home as it is all made up of natural and herbal oils and will only give you benefits. It is a great remedy to provide a quick relief from the cough, cold and its symptoms.

Axe Brand Universal Oil 3ml Quick Relief of Cold &Headache
Axe Brand Medicated Oil - 1.89 oz (Solstice)
Singpaore Axe Brand Universal Oil 14ml Relief Cold & Headache
Singpaore Axe Brand Universal Oil 10ml Relief Cold & Headache
Singapore's Original Version Axe Brand Red Flower Oil 35ml

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