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Chickens can’t speak the language that we humans do and therefore usually can’t tell us if they feel bored or if their feathers are itchy. It would be better if we could understand each others’ language this way we would better understand them and their behaviors. Usually in winters and autumns, the chickens are made to live in their coops and thus their behaviors change a lot sometimes due to boredom, and sometimes due to other reasons. And one of the main changes in their behaviors is pecking.

If we want a peaceful flock, we need to understand and interpret our chickens’ behavior ad what they want to tell us. Chickens are inquisitive and they don’t have arms and hands to inspect and explore things so they use their beaks to do so. So it can be said that pecking is a natural behavior and can be caused when chickens and birds spend more time inside. This pecking can turn from normal to aggressive behavior and we need to understand why in order to control and prevent it.

Usually feather pecking is a behavioral problem that occurs mostly in domestic hens when they are reared for egg production. It is not aggression when it is mild, but when this behavior gets intense or aggressive, these hens peck on the head or comb. This can be dangerous for them and for other hens as well and needs to be controlled. To control pecking, there are anti-pecking sprays in the market for chickens by famous brands that are also trending on Amazon as well like Vetericyn, Miracle Care, Birdly, Rooster Booster and many more. A few of the best-selling anti-pecking sprays for chickens on Amazon are: Birdly Bird Bath Spray with Aloe Vera - Wheat Germ Oil Shampoo for Birds - Natural Anti Peck Relief Spray - Softer & Brighter Plumage with 85 global ratings (B07G9GQ7DG), Rooster Booster Pick No More by Rooster Booster with 612 global ratings (B00E9RKPD2). There are many more anti-pecking sprays that you may find on our website when you explore. Shop these anti-pecking sprays from Amazon through our website in Pakistan at lesser price and have a peaceful flock.


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