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The baby is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord and when she is cut after birth, the small opening in the abdominal muscles that the umbilical cord passes through begins to close as the baby grows, but sometimes the muscles do not or connect do not grow together therefore the small opening remains. It causes the intestines or fat to penetrate through a hole or weak point, creating a bulge in or near the belly button. It looks like a swollen belly button. An umbilical hernia occurs in 10 to 20% of cases of all babies. If the umbilical hernia persists for 4-5 years then surgery is required.

For emergency or temporary treatments, an inguinal hernia strap is mainly used, which holds the contents of the inguinal hernia in the abdominal wall, which is achieved by applying pressure on the inguinal hernia defect, as can be done by hand when the hernia is uncomfortable. Patients usually use hernia straps safely as a bridge for hernia surgery. Some patients may have travel or business plans when their hernia is first diagnosed. Under medical supervision, the inguinal hernia strap can be used to minimize symptoms and the need for immediate surgery. These belts are safe and effective, however, surgery is still the best way to avoid an emergency situation. The inguinal hernia strap should be used as a bridge to surgery, not surgery. In order for the truss to work, it must be worn properly so that it does not press on a break. There are many high quality hernia belts being made and sold by international brands trending on Amazon like Uriel, Tonus Elast, BOJEE, Mybow, Vivtone and more.


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