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Best Softcup Menstrual Disc For Women Buy Online In Pakistan

Hygiene and sanitization is the most important factor in one’s health. Women, as they go through those times every month have to have some great ways for protection. There have been different pads, cups and other products introduced that have been serving the purpose for quite some time now. But these days, there is a new product in market which is menstrual discs. Well they are being talked about a lot on social media and other platform these days. But what exactly are these menstrual discs?

They are the period products that can be inserted in and provide protection for up to 12 hours. They let you have mess-free intercourse and also help to reduce the cramps and pains. Also, they are similar to menstrual cups as they are insertable and collect blood. These discs fits into the vaginal fornix which the place where vaginal canal meets the cervix. Getting it inserted in needs some practice and instruction. There are procedures and instructions written on the package when you buy it. Read them carefully and use accordingly. Also, these menstrual discs can be used and worn for up to 12 hours and they might need be changed depending on your flow. Buy these menstrual discs from Amazon in Pakistan through our website and get them delivered at your doorsteps in Pakistan within 15-20 working days. There are many well-known international brands dealing in such products and these brands are trending on Amazon as well like: salt, EcoBlossom, TALISI WHEN YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE and more. But the one by Softcup is Softdisc Menstrual Disc - Softcup - 14 Discs - Cleaner Disposable Model of Reusable Silicone Cups, Period Cup, Tampon - Women w/Heavy or Sensitive Flow with  13,401 global ratings (B000X29GY6). This menstrual disc is made as a result of 10 years of working and research by scientists. It does not have phthalates, latex or PBA and is hypoallergenic. Unlike other menstrual products, this disc fits women with different ages and sizes. It is more comfortable to carry and prevents dryness and irritation and bad odor. They are the best menstrual products so far as they prevent leakage even if you are working out, sleeping, swimming or having intercourse. Buy these discs and have comfortable days.

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