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Blackstrap molasses are basically a dark molasses that are left as a result of extract from a raw sugar cane. There are many benefits of this blackstrap molasses for our body, skin and hair. This blackstrap molasses help in keeping your hair conditioned and moisturized. They are widely used to treat any kind of skin problems. Blackstrap molasses are often recommended for the regulation of menstrual cycle. Also, it has another use in baking as well. Many brands on Amazon are highly in demand from where you can buy this product online such as Golden barrel, wholesome sweeteners, wholesome, Brer Rabbit, 365 by whole foods market and many more. You can now simply shop online blackstrap molasses in Pakistan in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities from Amazon through at minimal and affordable rates. We make sure to provide you a very happy online shopping experience with us and drop the product right at the entrance of your doorsteps.

Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses, 16 Fl. Oz
Golden Barrel Organic Blackstrap Molasses
Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, Unsulfured, 31 oz (3)
Golden Barrel Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses (1 Gallon Jug)
Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, Unsulfured, 31 oz
Wholesome Sweeteners, Blackstrap Molasses, 16 oz
Plantation, Blackstrap Molasses, 15 oz
Golden Barrel Unsulfured Black Strap molasses, 32 oz
Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses (1-5 Gallon Pail)
Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, 15 oz
Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, Organic, 15 Fl Oz (Pack of 3)

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