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Improper diet, dehydration, stress, some biological factors and many other factors can contribute to constipation. It can also be hereditary. If not dealt with it, it can lead to severe consequences and a surgery is usually needed. Constipation can cause headache, fissures, and many other issues. Avoiding it in the first place is necessary. There are different stool softeners for this purpose and colace stool softener is one of them. Children who also have issues of constipation face severe problems and usually hold their stool out of fear or in order to avoid pain but this also leads to more severe consequences.  So a stool softener is always a best solution. This Colace stool softener is also available on Amazon and is original and genuine. Colace Regular Strength Stool Softener, 100 mg Capsules, 250 Count, Docusate Sodium in Pakistan for Stool Softening for Gentle, Dependable Relief with 7,536 global ratings (B00596GBU8) is a stool softener free of stimulant and provides comfortable relief from painful and occasional constipation. It also reduces the straining which is somehow linked with hemorrhoids or piles. Buy these colace stool softener liquid from Amazon through our website and we will give it to you at less price and will deliver at your doorsteps within 15-20 working days.


Colace Clear Soft Gels Stool Softener 28 ea ( Pack of 2)
Fleet Pedia-Lax Liquid Stool Softener - 4 oz, Pack of 2
Silace Stool Softener 1 Percent Solution Liquid 10 Mg - 1 Pint

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