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Are you looking to cover your grey hair? Well, most of the hair dyes make your hair dry and rough. But choosing the right hair dye for your hair is the hack. We can see many brands that manufacture their own hair colors. Dikson is a well known name in this regard. Dikson hair color gives your hair extra shine and smoothness. It is great choice to cover your grey hair. Dikson hair color price in Pakistan varies but you can buy it online at minimal and affordable rates on our website. Hair color has always been in fashion from ages. So when treating your hair, why not give a shot to something that is worth buying and gives you quality. You can simply shop this product online in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan from Amazon through Revamp up your hair look now and dig into the new trend and fashion of hair colors just by ordering this Dikson hair color by using our website.

Dikson Professional Hair Color EXTRA 4oz (3C/R 3.4)
Dikson Color Extra Premium- 4.66 or 4RR- Violet Red- 4 oz
Dikson Color Extra Premium- 5.67 or 5RR/P- Plum- 4 oz
Dikson Color Extra Premium - 7.660 or 7RR- Vivid Red- 4 oz
Dikson Color Extra R Red Hair Color Extra PREMIUM 4oz
Dikson Hair & Scalp Care (Colour Mechessence) - 250ml
Dikson System 10 in One Mask-Cream Spray - 5.07 oz
Dikson Professional Hair Color Extra PREMIUM 4oz (9N/N 9.02)
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DIKSON Colour Accessories

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