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We humans are blessed with the ability to speak and have beautiful voices. This ability of ours to speak and communicate is unique and is fundamental of our daily lives. We get to speak to our loved ones, sing songs and poems to our kids and what not. But when due to some circumstances the larynx is removed during a surgery called laryngectomy, the loss of voice can occur which can also disturb the quality of life of a patient. The inability to speak properly and have a proper voice can cause frustration. There have been many advancements made in techniques to restore voice after laryngectomy. At present, there are three main techniques being used for restoring voice like esophageal speech, electrolarynx and tracheoesophageal speech using tracheoesophageal puncture. Not all patients can avail all the services and in such cases, electrolarynx is useful and viable for patients. Electrolarynx is a machine operated on battery and it produces sounds that helps make you create voice. They are usually the size of a small electric razor. You either hold this device against your neck or fit the tube into mouth. The press button on it makes the sound when you speak and if you move your tongue and mouth, this device makes sounds into words. Buy these electrolarynx devices from Amazon through our website. There are famous international brands making these eletrolarynx devices like: Romet Electronic Larynx, ATS Resources, Harris Communications and many more. A few of the best-selling electrolarynx devices on Amazon are: Finest Sound at The Lowest Price in The World Romet Model R120 Electronic Larynx Hold Tight Against The Neck for Best Sound with  29 global ratings (B00LGZL7N2), NuVois III Digital Speech Aid by ATS Resources with  30 global ratings (B00DRKDHDM), NuVois I Electronic Larynx by Harris Communications by Harris Communications with 10 global ratings (B01M4RKTJI). Buy these electrolarynx devices through our website and have a great experience of online shopping in Pakistan.


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