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Epimedium dried is a pure and high quality medicinal herb and is free from chemicals and pesticides. It is used to make medicine. This product comes in heat sealed pouches where the seal can be resealed. The herb comes from a genus flowering plant from the family of Berberidaceae which has many health benefits. The weed that it comes form is called Horny goat weed and it is mostly used for sexual performance problems and for weak back and knees, joint problems, arthritis, any kind of physical or mental fatigue, memory loss issues and many other concerns. But the scientific researches to support the uses of this herb are limited. The chemicals it contains increase blood flow and also help in sexual functions. Phytoestrogens in them act like female hormone estrogen that might reduce bone loss in women in certain period of the month. The product can have certain side effects due to which it is necessary to consult your health care provider before buying this product. For making this tea you need to first rinse the herbs with cold water then soak it for half an hour. The ratio of water to herbs should be 2 litres to 30 grams. Boil the soaked herbs and then simmer for half an hour or 2 hours or more. You can simmer the leaves for half an hour and roots for 1 or 2 hours. The tea is ready to be served and it can be stored in refrigerator and taken hot or cold. Buy from us this high quality product at cheaper rated than other companies in Pakistan. Now with us, online shopping in Pakistan becomes exciting and inexpensive. We provide delivery services all over Pakistan and our delivery time is 15-20 working days.