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The Pakistani saxophone, I saxophone or saxophone is one of kind musical instrument which is usually made out of brass and produces a specific sound when air is blown into it through the mouthpiece. It was invented by a Belgian music instrument maker but is now famous worldwide for the melodies it can create. The I saxophone is used to create music mostly in classical music, military bands, marching bands, jazz and contemporary music. The Pakistani saxophone can be heard being played in many classic melodies and is cheered by many. The I saxophone is available on Amazon through many different brands such as Mendini by Cecilio, GLORY, Lazarro, Nuvo, Eastar, Jean Paul USA and Yamaha. You can order the saxophone of your style through our website in Pakistan from Amazon. We deliver in safe and secure package in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and many other major cities at the convenience of your door. Just place the order and pump up your musical experience.

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