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These days almost all the things are getting expensive day by day. This has given a rise to many DIY (Do It Yourself) products and business. These DIY things help you in fixing and repairing or even creating your own stuff, which you can use to do many things. iFixit is one such company that helps you with the DIY things. They help you in repairing electric devices by selling repair parts by mainly they have consumer guides and manuals, which you can use to fix many personal gadgets. Amazon provides easy access to the iFixit products such as screwdriver toolkits, computer and smartphone repairing toolkits and other accessories. You can easily buy these toolkits to make your life easy and save on your pocket from Amazon through our website. Just shop online on our website from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and many other major cities of Pakistan and get these easy to use DIY toolkits at the comfort of your home.


iFixit Jimmy - Ultimate Electronics Prying & Opening Tool
Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Bundle
7 Piece Precision Torx Driver Set (T4 -T10)
Wiha 26792 Screwdriver Set, Torx, 7 Piece
Makita B-50289 47 Pc. Ratchet and Bit Set
Makita E-01644 Impact XPS 60 Piece Impact Bit Set
Makita A-98348 50 Piece Impactx Driver Bit Set
Makita B-51661 66 Pc. Contractor Bit Set

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