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Can You Increase Your Fertility? 

Yes you can! Trying to get pregnant can be a confusing and stressful task, especially if you've been trying for several months. As women get older, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease and the body begins to prepare for menopause (this typically occurs in a 40-year-old woman, but it can start much earlier). The chance that a 30-year-old woman will get pregnant in each cycle is only 20 percent; they drop to five percent per cycle after the age of 40. Several studies have also indicated that female fertility decreases around the age of 35.If you've been searching the internet for ways to improve your chances of conceiving, you have likely come across fertility tea. Whether it's a home-grown herbal blend or a fancy blend from the tea company, these options are recommended by midwives and naturopaths for improvement. Fertility tea is a type of tea that is widely marketed by tea brands. The tea is said to help increase fertility and support reproductive health. These teas have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.  This tea is said to contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins A and C, along with folic acid to aid diet, boost female hormone levels, and support the entire reproductive system. It is usually an herbal tea made from a combination of ingredients and is available as loose leaf tea and in tea bags. You can buy these pregnancy teas from many international trending brands on Amazon such as Traditional Medicinals, Yogi, Pukka and more. Teas support your natural fertility, conception, hormones and cycle. Please note that these products may affect your ovulation and / or your menstrual cycle and consult your doctor before using. Most of these teas are formulated with herbs by certified herbalists and have been used for centuries to aid natural fertility.


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