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5N Light Chestnut Brown Naturtint Naturally Better 5.6 Fl oz

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Want to get a new hair color or hair dye without worrying about the damage the process will cause to your hair? Have you ever tried ammonia free hair colors? If not then you are using the most harmful substance for your hair. Ammonia-free hair dyes are better for your hair and won't hurt it as much. They are also better for people with gas allergies. 

Ammonia-free hair dyes are also easier to use and less likely to make you sick if you have an allergy. Ammonia is colorless but can cause itchy, runny nose, is the cause of watery eyes, and it can fry your hair as well. 

So if you plan to go to the saloon or want to color your hair at home always go for ammonia free hair colors. These days many brands offer ammonia free hair colors such as Naturtint, Herbishh, John Frieda, Bleach London, Garnier, Revlon and Schwarzkopf. 

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