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The beret cap, at the beginning worn by Basque peasants in France and Spain, has evolved right into a symbol of various military symbols, fashion statements, and cultural identities. It is a smooth, round and flat-crowned hat manufactured from wool, supplying a headband for comfort and a small, bendy shield. The cap shape is formed by folding and shaping the material regularly with a slight boost at the middle.

Ladies Beret Caps in Pakistan, Sewing and Wearing:

Choose a cloth like wool for your beret cap by measuring your head circumference and depth. Use a sewing system, needles, pins, thread, fabric scissors, and measuring tape. Add embellishments like buttons or patches. Prepare the sample, sew the headband, shape the crown, carry together the beret and near the hole usage of an invisible sew.

The method of wearing a beret cap, position it above your eyebrows and tilt barely to at least one side. Adjust the beret to take a seat gently on your head, with more fabric gathered at the back. Wear it casually or officially, and customize it with pins, badges, or patches. This cap may be worn as a fashion statement or a symbol to a navy background.

Beret Caps in Pakistan Online Shopping with Different Sizes:

Beret caps are available in various sizes and measured in inches or centimetres. The sizes are small, medium, large and extra-large. Some caps have adjustable bands or drawstrings These beret caps online in Pakistan for males and females Both.

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