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Since its invention foam is being used in almost all household accessories, it helps us to sleep on a comfortable bed, sit on a sofa, and insulate our houses. It is a solid object, which is created by trapped pockets of gas, liquid or any other solid material. A foam sheet is used in many industries and is a part of various construction processes. A foam sheet can be used to make the floor comfortable to walk on, for insulation and even for exercise. Just use the foam sheet to make anything comfortable and sound or air proof. A foam sheet will help you stay cool in summers and stay warm in winters. A foam sheet price in Pakistan varies and Amazon offers it through various brands such as dualplex, EVA, Labzhang, XCEL, Crafare and Sixam. So shop online this product on our website and order the best foam sheet from Amazon according to your needs and requirements. We offer the foam sheet on lesser rate in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and many major cities of Pakistan and deliver right at your address.