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Brighter complexion, fair skin and clear appearance is the dream of each and everyone. There are many treatments and procedures available which are used to make your skin brighter and your complexion fairer. Well, the major component used by all such types of products and treatments is the glutamine. One of the best capsules out there that offer this mineral is Glutamax capsule. Glutamax capsule is used to treat the black spots, acne thus giving it a clear appearance. Glutamax capsule is also used to lighten the skin tone, making it fair and brighten. It also helps in increasing the circulation of the blood thus giving you a natural and healthy skin look. Glutamax capsule price in Pakistan varies because it is manufactured and is available in many different packs and quantity. However you can shop this product online in Pakistan in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities from Amazon through our website at lesser prices. We deliver at your doorstep in safe and secure packages so all your supplements and vitamins reach you without any harm and damage caused by natural factors and unforeseen incidents.