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Digi 301-1000-04 Edgeport/4 USB Converter.

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Are you looking to attach your computer or tablet to an outside show? An HDMI to USB converter lets you output video and audio from your USB-C or USB-A port to an HDMI show like a TV or screen. We provide excessive-quality USB to HDMI adapters at low prices, with each USB-A and USB-C entering alternatives to match your device. 


Our USB to HDMI converter supports as much as 4K Ultra HD resolution for crisp, clean image pleasantness. It's plug-and-play and easy to install, with no drivers required. The transportable layout makes it perfect for use at domestic, at your workplace, or the cross. Get an HDMI output out of your tablet, telephone, or computer USB port. The cable attaches securely and transmits HDMI signal reliably up to 10 feet. We offer the best HDMI to USB converter price in Pakistan, with USB-A and USB-C input options to match your device. It provides exceptional value. Order today and connect your USB device to the HDMI port on your display.