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Jenga is a one of a kind board game that involves physical skill a can be played by multiple players at a time. To play the Jenga game a tower consisting of 54 blocks is formed, than players take turns in removing the blocks from the base without having the tower to fall, after that the removed block is placed on top of the tower to make a more unstable structure. The jenga game ends when the tower falls. Since its inception the Jenga game is played by many around the world and has enjoyed an increasing number of players every day. The Jenga game is marketed by Hasbro and is available on Amazon through different toy stores such as Matty’s toy stop, Win Sports, CoolToys and EasyGoProducts. You can shop online various version of the Jenga game on our website from Amazon. We deliver the product directly to your doorstep in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and all the major cities of Pakistan.


Hasbro Gaming Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Gaming Jenga Game: Rustic Series Edition
Tumbling Tower Game - 72 pcs.

Tumbling Tower Game - 72 pcs.

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