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Want to eat a snack but tired of eating the same food repeatedly? Have you ever tried Korean rice cakes in Pakistan? Korean rice cakes or Tteokbokki as known in their country of origin, Korea are made out of rice but are scrumptious and can add up to your list of wonderful wholesome snacks. These rice cakes are made with either steamed flour of rice or simple rice, which can be glutinous or non- glutinous, brown or white and consist of boiled eggs and scallions. The rice is pounded together in different shapes mostly cylindrical or round and tastes chewy, but is a very tasteful snack. Korean Rice Cakes in Pakistan are available through different manufacturers from Amazon through our website. Brands like Surasang Tteokbokki, CJ Rice Cooked White Hetbahn, Korean Rice Cake Tteokbokki Stick, Yuki Toppogi and Sekero rice cake are all selling their versions of this Korean snack. So shop online on our website and order from Amazon the best snack you have tasted until yet.