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Tattoos, Body and design have always been a part of human civilization through one way or the order. In Pakistan, this has always been done by using mehndi or henna. Mehndi is a temporary dye which and is extracted from a plant. It can be used to dye the hair as well but mostly it is used to make short-term tattoos and designs on the body. No wedding, party or Eid is complete without the use of mehndi and girls and women of all age use it to make tattoos on their hands, arms and feet. In the past creating tattoos with the use of mehndi had been quite time taking and difficult but now a few brands have launched mehndi injections, which are prefilled with mehndi and can be used without difficulty to make the tattoos desired. There are some brands on Amazon from where you can get this product online.  However, you do not need to worry about prices, as mehndi injection price in Pakistan is lesser on website. Shop online in Pakistan from Amazon by our website and order the mehndi injection easily.


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