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NicoDerm CQ Step 3, 7 mg, 14 Clear Patches.
Nicoderm Cq Step 1 Clear Patches, 21 mg, 14 Units (Pack of 4)
NicoDerm CQ Clear Patches, 21 mg, Step 1-14 ct, Pack of 2

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To aid in smoking cessation efforts, our nicotine patches provide steady micro-doses of nicotine absorbed through the skin. It helps minimize intense cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms as people wean off smoking. Our import-quality nicotine patches in Pakistan are clinically tested to control nicotine dosages properly.


For any smokers in Pakistan looking for budget-friendly options, our price makes them more reasonably accessible compared to alternatives on the market. While still investing in the latest patch tech for precise nicotine administration, we keep our focus on making them affordable to the general public to promote successful quitting. Just placing one nicotine patch a day can dramatically boost quit rates by relieving nicotine cravings. Inquire with Wellshop today about obtaining this smoking cessation aid at a sensible nicotine patches price in Pakistan.