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Rings are one of the major accessories out of all the jewelry. Rings are designed from many different stones, metals and other materials. People from very long ago are using different gemstones and metals in the form of the rings. Gold, silver and diamond rings are all very common. With that, platinum is another metal whose rings are very common these days. Metals usually change their colors but platinum is extremely long lasting and strong. Therefore, the durability of platinum and its strength makes it suitable for the rings to be worn. Platinum ring price in Pakistan is lesser on our website.  There are many online brands on Amazon from where you can buy platinum ring such as Amazon Collection, La4ve Diamonds, Jude Jewelers, Carat Galaxy, Thunder Fit and Sllaiss. Shop online this product in Pakistan in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities from Amazon by using our website at lesser rates.


950 Platinum 1.5 mm Plain Wedding Band (Ring Size 6.5)